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Playa Ocho Cantina

At Playa Ocho, dive into a Latin fusion adventure that brings together an eclectic mix of Latin wines from around the world, traditional Latin sodas, and inventive Latin-inspired fusion cocktails. Our venue delivers a dynamic atmosphere in a fun, casual environment. As soon as you enter, you become an integral part of the setting, whether you opt for the sidewalk patio, our inviting indoor dining area, or the breathtaking open-air rooftop, all buzzing with a diverse crowd enjoying bold, Latin-inspired flavors.

Our beverage selection features house-made frozen beverages, a thoughtfully selected assortment of agave spirits, a variety of Latin beers, and a broad selection of Tequilas. Highlighting our drinks menu is the Playa Ocho margarita, mixed with a house-made sour blend that you won't find anywhere else. The culinary offerings at Playa Ocho emphasize a meticulous attention to detail and flavor, presenting a menu that creatively blends Latin culinary traditions with a modern twist. Our goal is to celebrate and share these delightful dishes and drinks with a community of guests who appreciate the vibrant fusion of Latin tastes.